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Located in the "Parc Naturel Régional Morvan", the center of France at 300 km from Paris you’ll find peace and quiet "à la campagne". Here you will find the unspoilt nature you only knew from stories. The Morvan is an offshoot of the Massif Central and has a mountainous climate with characteristics of a continental climate..

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About the Moulin Vaupranges

The Morvan is rugged and quiet. It's like time has been standing still for 50 years. The obvious differences between winter, spring and summer are reminiscent of times gone by here. "Le Moulin de Vaupranges" is located along the river Anguison. Lormes is 10 kilometers away and Corbigny about 15 kilometers. The property of 3 acres offers the mill accommodation for groups up to 15 people.
In the surrounding hills, wildlife like deer can be spotted. In the pond in front of the mill you will find the nursery of trout and crayfish. The kingfisher is hunting daily at this pond. The weasel, polecat, fox and wild boar are frequent visitors for the observant visitor. The Morvan is one of the greenest and quietest areas of Europe. Nights can be so dark that star admirers, in clear weather, go to bed very late.
The property is located in the factory section of the mill, which was built in 1650. The property is located next to the house of the owners.
Original details were preserved where possible. The mill first served as an oil and later as a grain mill. In addition to this function, it was also the electricity supplier for the hamlet Vaupranges until 1970.
The location is perfect for your family or group/team weekends. Also hikers, quad riders, rally participants, canoeists, fishermen, birdwatchers, riders will find an excellent base here. The presence of a separate group space is a great opportunity for trainers/teachers for painting, music, "motivational events ", photo or meditation course in an environment that perfectly meets their needs. From the mill it is easy to organize multi-day trips with overnight stays in “gites”.
Le Moulin de Vaupranges can be rented to one single group at a time only. If you wish, you can also book half board.